Geometry Fun With iPads

We just wrapped up my absolute favorite unit to teach—geometry.  Today I’m sharing some free apps and activities we used for practicing 2D and 3D shape concepts. 
Free Geometry Apps
Cyberchase Shape Quest is a free app that has three different activities included.  Patch the Path, which uses 3D augmented reality, was my students’ favorite.  They need to use spatial memory, visualization and modeling skills to “patch” the path so the animals can get across. 

For the Hide and Seek game, students must uncover the specified geometric shapes to find their animal friends.  It’s great practice for geometry vocabulary as well as number of sides, right angles, etc.  

For Feed the Critters, students use spatial reasoning to flick food to the hungry critters. 

Cyberchase 3D Builder is another free app that helps students understand how 3D shapes are made from simple 2D shapes.

Since geometry is so easily applicable to the real world, we went on a shape hunt around the school and outside the building.  When we got back to the classroom, my students compiled their pictures into collages using the free app Pic Collage.  Here’s one of the finished products.

We also used the free app Skitch to label attributes of some of the shapes they found.

Of course I had to throw some QR codes into the mix for this unit.  My kids did this 2D shape QR code scavenger hunt around the classroom.  Each time they scanned a QR code on a phone, it led them to the next shape.

They also completed some self-checking QR code task cards and other centers from my new geometry pack.

And last but not least, what’s a geometry unit without GeoBoards?!  I learned about this awesome free GeoBoard app from my friend Amanda.  We used it to practice our basic shapes and then I projected various designs onto my Apple TV for my kids to try.  I got the designs from her Geoboard Mania pack.