Place Value FREEBIES & Paperless Activities

Since many upper elementary teachers are diving deep into place value right now, I figured I’d do a roundup post of my favorite place value resources I’ve used over the years.

First up is this interactive notebook FREEBIE for practicing reading and writing multi-digit whole numbers in word form.

It comes with a practice printable and a full page of QR codes that link to a great Learn Zillion explanatory video. You can pass out the QR codes to your students so that they can glue them into their interactive notebooks and watch the video as many times as needed.

Be sure to check out the full versions of this product in a printable format (here) as well as a DIGITAL format (here). The digital version is entirely paperless and requires no prep on the part of the teacher. In addition to the interactive notebook pages, it includes digital task cards, worksheets, explanatory videos, and a self-grading final assessment in Google Forms.
This FREE I Spy rounding activity with self-checking QR codes has been a student-favorite for many years, probably because they love getting up and moving around the room. Simply tape/hang the sunglasses around your classroom and have students solve the problems using the recording sheet. They can check their answers with a free QR code scanning app like this one.
This FREE jungle-themed match-up activity comes in two versions—one with QR codes and one without. For the QR code version, students scan the code to reveal a number in expanded form. They then match it with its corresponding standard form. For the non-QR code version, students simply match the expanded and standard form pieces together. 

These place value QR code task cards provide a review of rounding, comparing, ordering, and number forms. Students can work on them independently and self-monitor using the QR codes.

If you have gone digital with Google Classroom, you will definitely want to check out the PAPERLESS version of these task cards that comes with a SELF-GRADING Google Forms assessment.

For paperless, self-grading assessments that cover ALL of the 4th grade NBT standards, click here or on the image below.
I hope these activities can save you some time and help you tackle the NBT standards in a fun way! Click the images below to see even more place value activities in my store.:)



Keeping Students Engaged at the End of the School Year

As the end of the year approaches, keeping students on task and motivated can become quite a challenge. I shared this quote awhile back on Instagram, but wanted to share it here because it’s an important reminder for us teachers, especially at this time of year.

Since technology can be a great tool to increase student engagement, I thought I’d share some of my favorite “techie” ways to keep students engaged up until the last day of school.

Play a game of outdoor Scoot to review miscellaneous concepts. To play Scoot, pass out a set of task cards and have students sit in a circle with a pencil and notebook or recording sheet. Every couple of minutes, the teacher yells, “Scoot!” and the kids rotate clockwise to solve the next task card. Continue until the entire set is completed. Students can use mobile devices to scan the QR codes for immediate feedback. You can find many QR code task cards for grades 1-5 math and ELA HERE.

Another idea for outdoor learning is to go on a geometry hunt or a parts of speech hunt. This little guy is snapping a picture of perpendicular lines to put into a Pic Collage of types of lines and angles.

Interactive QR bulletin boards are an exciting way to get students out of their seats and kids especially enjoy checking out their peers’ work. One very low prep idea is to have students create their own math word problems and then generate QR codes that reveal the answers. That way, students can solve their peers’ problems and then check their work by scanning the QR codes. We use to create our QR codes and the free i-nigma app to scan them.

Get your kiddos up and moving around the room with QR code scavenger hunts like this base 10 block freebie. You can find lots of other QR scavenger hunts HERE. Because each skill is a different color, I leave several hunts up at the same time around my classroom.

Another fun way to get your students moving is this I Spy QR codes activity. I have a bundle of 8 skills for primary HERE and upper elementary HERE and there is a freebie set linked within each respective bundle.

Of course any activity with QR codes is highly-engaging for students, whether they are moving around or at a sit-down center. The center below is a self-checking true/false addition sort, which is part of this QR code center bundle.

Word clouds can be a fun way to commemorate a school year, and one of my favorites is Tagxedo. There are many cool shape and color options, such as this school bus so let your students run wild with their imaginations!

Rather than showing a whole-class movie, maybe consider watching an online storybook. has a wonderful collection of free books that you could display on your SMARTboard or projector.

Another option is to have a listening center like the one below. Students can come up and scan a book of their choice to listen to independently. I have a free mini set of QR code listening centers you can download HERE. You can find my bundle of 40 stories along with response sheets HERE.

Are there any apps you’ve been dying to try out? Now is a great time to get your feet wet with new technology so you can start next school year strong. How about an augmented reality app like the free Cyberchase Shape Quest?

Or an app that allows students to star in their own TV shows? Telestory is free and my kiddos had a blast with it!

A little friendly competition can always get students excited about practicing math. Math Slide is a multi-player app that is available in various topics/levels, including place value, addition/subtraction, and multiplication/division. 

Want more app recommendations? Click on any of the images below to check out dozens of apps reviewed by yours truly.:)

Fraction Resource Roundup

Happy New Year, everyone! Since many of my upper elementary friends will be diving deep into fractions after Winter Break, I thought I would share some of my favorite fraction resources I’ve used over the years. (Psst—be sure to read through the end of this post for an awesome giveaway!;)

I always try to start with a solid foundation in finding factors and multiples as well as identifying prime/composite numbers.  This foundation is crucial when it comes time for comparing and simplifying fractions. Here’s a free prime/composite number sort with self-checking QR codes.
This free Bump game is a great review for identifying fractions using models as well as number lines. 
Because my students always love being able to move around the room, I created this Scan the Room activity to practice various fraction concepts as I taught them. (I have this same exact product without QR codes here.) Here are a couple of my fourth graders hard at work comparing fractions and checking their work with QR codes.
One of my favorite free fraction apps is Oh No Fractions. Students must determine whether the fraction on the left is greater than, less than, or equal to the fraction on the right.  I like that it gives the option of showing a visual model of the fractions if needed.
Chicken Coop Fractions has an estimating fractions game that’s free and super engaging.

If you’re looking to integrate some literacy into your fraction unit, I highly recommend the book The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. I have a little fraction exploration lesson freebie here.
Finally, I believe it’s so important to continuously review fractions throughout the year since some of the concepts start to meld together and students can become confused at times. Task cards are a great way to do this. My favorite set is this one pictured below, which includes a mix of identifying, comparing, ordering, and fraction equivalence.

Want a chance to win a set of task cards or any other fraction product from my store (QR code or non-QR code version)? This even includes my fraction task card mega bundle that's valued at $16.50! Head over to my Facebook page to enter this super easy giveaway.:)